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We will be holding an exam session at 6PM on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 at the picnic shelter of the Alpine Hills Community Park

Due to the weather and the fact this is an outdoor venue, cold/wet weather attire is recommended.

By Appointment Only!

To see if there are local classes check our Class Listing

To see if your license or upgrade has been awarded.
If this is your initial license, click the dropdown box and select 'By Name', then enter your name - last name, first name in the text box and click "Search".
If this is an upgrade, leave the dropdown box set to 'By Call Sign', enter your callsign in the box and click "Search".

The current fee for taking the exam is $15.00, payable by cash or check made out to ARRL/VEC.
If paying with cash, please have the exact amount because we may not be able to make change.

The FCC has instituted a new question on the application regarding Felony Convictions.
For more information, please see FELONY QUESTION approximately half-way down our second page .

We recommend taking practice exams before taking the exam.   If you can take the practice exam and consistently score at least 90%, you should be ready to pass the actual exam.   Some practice exams may be found at http://aa9pw.com, and http://www.eham.net/exams

All exam elements will be available.

        Alpine Hills Community Park
        Intersection of Northill Dr SW and Westhill Dr SW

The community Park is the parcel immediately South of the intersection and the picnic shelter is on the North East corner (top right).

What to bring:
        Ballpoint Pen and Pencils
- We will clear memories of programmable calculators if they are to be used on the exam.
                Due to the ability of some cell phones to browse the internet, we cannot allow the use of cell phone calculators.
        Social Security Number, Tax Identification Number, or FRN - Required by FCC
        Legal Photo Identification - To protect your security, please do not leave copies with us.
        Examination fee ($15.00) - Cash or check made out to ARRL/VEC
        Originals and copies of any paperwork being claimed for credit - If applicable

Paperwork claimed for credit includes unexpired CSCEs, current license, proof of previous licensure, and expired licenses.

The examinaton fee is valid for taking all elements until one is failed.   To retake after failing will require payment of another examination fee.

NOTE:   No one will be permitted in the room during the exam session other than candidates and examiners, so if someone else accompanies the candidate, they may wait in the lobby.

Special Exam Sessions - If you have a group desiring an exam session but are unable to make it to our regularly scheduled session we may be able to accommodate you.   Contact us at the email link at the bottom of this page.

Social Security number, Tax ID number, or FRN - The FCC requires any entity doing business with it to have an FRN.   To obtain an FRN prior to taking an examination, please go to the FCC's webpage https://apps.fcc.gov/coresWeb/publicHome.do and clicking on the Register link.

Lifetime License Credit - If you held an license greater than Technician in the past and it expired more than two years ago, you can regain that license by passing the Technician exam and providing proof of the highest license held.   This means if you held a General or an Amateur Extra license that expired, passing the Element 2 exam and providing proof of the higher class license will result in a new General or Amateur Extra class license being granted.   If the expired license was Advanced, a General class license will be issued.

Exam study guides, question pools, VE manual, and Miscellaneous forms can be found here

Questions about exam or problems with this web page, please email us.

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